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Letter/petition to the Board of Readercon

Note: I know you all are reasonable people, but I just wanted to say that if you comment or PM me and your name doesn't go up shortly, it's because I'm eating lunch or running some errands or something, and I promise I will go through and post the names when I get back.  So please don't take it personally!

Pasted into the body of this post below is the letter I have drafted to Readercon's Board of Directors regarding their complete mishandling of Rene Walling's harassment of Genevieve Valentine.  In 48 hours, I will send it to them.  In the meantime, anybody who wants to can comment, email me, or PM me and add their name.  I am suggesting that as well as your name, you put in parentheses your past connection to Readercon--and "had always wanted to attend," or "had planned to attend in the future," or something like that counts as a connection as well.  Cons have to grow and garner new attendees, and if you were a potential attendee, and have now been put off, the board should hear about that.  Please also feel free to sign if you have no connection to Readercon at all; the Board should understand that the community outrage about this extends very, very far.

July 29, 2012

To the Readercon Board of Directors:

This letter is in response to the Board's drastic mishandling of Rene Walling's sexual harassment of Genevieve Valentine at Readercon 2012.

The Board of Readercon has betrayed Ms. Valentine and the community at large by refusing to follow its own zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual harassment by merely suspending Walling's membership for two years. Walling's status and connections do not make his behavior acceptable; his alleged regret is irrelevant to the stated policy, and, given his protracted harassment of Kate Kligman, of which you were made aware by Ms. Kligman herself although you chose not to follow up with her, impossible to believe. The opacity of your decision-making process and the cavalier disregard for the safety, emotional and physical, of your attendees, particularly your female attendees, are dismaying in the extreme.

Therefore, we do not feel able to attend, be panelists at, and/or recommend Readercon unless the following steps are taken:

  1. Rene Walling must be banned from Readercon for life. This was the stated, explicit policy regarding harassment when he repeatedly and with intent harassed Genevieve Valentine, and even if it were not, his behavior was so willfully unacceptable that it would merit a complete ban under a more flexible policy.

  1. The Board of Directors must issue a formal apology to Ms. Valentine for its utter mishandling of her report, as well as an apology to all other attendees who have been or fear being sexually harassed.

  1. We have no confidence in the Board of Directors. They bowed to the wishes of a fan, perhaps due to his connections; they failed to enforce their own widely-touted policy; they failed to conduct a thorough investigation, contacting “character witnesses” for Walling while not bothering to follow up with Kate Kligman; they have not been engaging with the community's outrage at all. The Board of Directors must step down.

  1. If the new Board of Directors wishes to redraft Readercon's sexual harassment policy, the committee must include people who have been targets of sexual harassment as well as people who have experience working with victims of abuse, so that future apologies on the part of harassers will not be taken at face value.

  1. The new Board of Directors must go through training on the common behaviors and tactics of harassers as well as the common responses of their targets, in order that we may have confidence in their enforcement of either the zero-tolerance policy or the policy the above committee drafts.

  2. No reprisals will be made toward Ms. Valentine or those who have spoken up in her defense and in the defense of every person who has been the target of a harasser/predator.

Until and unless these steps are taken, and attendees can be sure that Readercon will act to keep them safe from harassers and other sexual predators, we will stay away.


Veronica Schanoes (panelist/guest at Readercon 2008, 2009, 2012)
Beth Bernobich (attendee at Readercon since 1997, guest/panelist: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)
Livia Llewellyn (attendee at Readercon since 2007)
Saira Ali (never attended because of transphobia of concomm; now will actively warn everyone I know away from Readercon)
David J. Schwartz
Liz Bourke. (I had always wanted to attend. I was hoping to attend in 2013.)
Rachel Swirsky (had planned to attend in future)
Shannon Farley. I attended in 2011, and had planned to attend more in the future
Monique Daviau. I attended in 2011 and 2012.
Shannon Sudderth (had planned to attend in the future)

Catherine Lundoff (I always wanted to attend and was hoping to do so in 2013)
Samantha Henderson (has been invited to attend, was planning on attending in '13 or '14)

N. K. (Nora) Jemisin. I've attended multiple times as just an attendee and also as a panelist/author guest; had planned to attend more in the future, and was a member of the concom for two years until I left Boston (2005-7, I think)
Christopher Rowe (attended as a fan in 1997, attended as a panelist and reader in 2008, very likely future attendee assuming things are fixed)

Shelly Li (planned to attend in the near future)
Andrija Popovic (Attendee, ReaderCon 23)
Helen Pilinovsky, previous attendee, panelist, and member of the programming subcommittee

Ed Martz.  I've attended as a fan every year since 2009 and donate goodies to the Tiptree bake sale.
Natalie Luhrs, attendee 2010 & 2011, panelist 2012 
Martha Wells  (had planned to attend in the future)
Shira Lipkin. (panelist for the past several years, attendee since 2007, I believe.)

Michael Haynes (was planning to attend in the future)
Cecil Castellucci (invited for past four years, planned to attend in future)
Jenn Mercer (had planned to attend in the future)
Mishell Baker (2010 attendee, was planning to attend in 2013).

Roz Kaveney (was invited this year but could not afford to come, had hoped to come some year soon)
Jennifer Smith ( I've been hearing about this con for 3+ years now, and even though it's very outside of my geographic region, I was planning to attend next year.)
Jon Meltzer (fan attendee 1998-2001, 2006, 2009-2012)
K. Tempest Bradford - Past program participant and invited guest.
Josh Lukin. Planned to attend in 2013.
Rick Bowes (I've been a panelist/guest off and on for 15 or so years)
Kate Nepveu (attendee, panelist, sometime bake sale coordinator)
Alma Alexander (had planned to attend in the future)
Lori Selke (I don't know if I would have ever gotten around to attending Readercon or not before this, but I certainly won't now)
Tria Hall (in England; had planned to attend in future when finances allowed)
Jenn Reese (planned to attend in near future)
Gwenda Bond (attended 2008, invited for several years, had definitely planned to attend in future)
Jeffrey Ford.  I've attended quite a bit over the past about 10 years. Won't go back unless they adopt the recommendations on your petition.
Steven Schwartz -- another person who'd heard great things about Readercon, had hoped to attend, but now isn't going to.

Karen Meisner. I've been told to go to Readercon, but will wait to see if it handles this situation better.
Ted Chiang.  
(attended 2007, 2008, 2010)

Brit Mandelo. Have attended regularly since 2010, and did a bit of programming this year; it's one of my always-attend cons, and I generally love it, but the Board's handling of this situation was totally unacceptable and makes me feel unsafe.
Eugene Fischer. I had planned to make Readercon the next new con I added to my circuit, but those plans are now on hold until I see how this matter resolves.

Patrick O'Leary (Regular attendee and panelist until recent financial cutbacks)
Lawrence Schimel.  
 I've been a panelist/guest in the past.
Karl Thiessen -- West Coast fannish friend of many Readercon enthusiasts, hoping to make it part of my East Coast con circuit someday. The Board is breaking my friends' hearts, and making them regret that they recommended it to me so enthusiastically.
Richard Butner (attendee 2000, 2001; guest 2008, 2011)

Deanne Fountaine (attendee 2010, 2012 -- had hoped to make it an annual event)
B.A. Connors
A.C. Wise (attended in 2012, had planned to attend in 2013.)
Nick Mamatas: panelist/guest: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012.
Bart Leib and Kay Holt. Dealers (
Crossed Genres Publications - we had a table in the Bookshop in 2011 & 2012), and I was the host for a group reading in 2012.  We'd like to add that our only objection to your letter is that, should it turn out that one or two of the Board members voted for a lifetime ban instead of the 2-year suspension but were outvoted, it seems unfair to insist they step down. Otherwise we agree with everything.
Rose Lemberg, was invited and planned to attend in 2013

Mari Ness, 2009 attendee and Tor.com blogger
Alan DeNiro (attendee, 2006; panelist/guest, 2010)

Peg Duthie (SFPA member)
Dave Creek (
I've always heard great things about Readercon and hoped to attend as a writer guest one day; but no more.)
Christopher M. Cevasco (attendee since 2008; panelist/guest in 2009, 2010, 2012; was planning to keep going every year in perpetuity, as it has consistently been one of my favorite cons).
Seth Ellis (I've never been to a con, but was thinking of beginning to attend in the next couple of years, with Readercon sounding attractive; but now I won't.)
Lynne M. Thomas.  2013 would have been the first Readercon for both my husband and I. If the convention manages to correct course, we will make an effort to come.

Julie Andrews (Attended in the past and it's so local I feel guilty when I don't go, but I won't feel guilty anymore.)
Eugene Meyers (Have attended 4 times and always look forward to it as my favorite genre convention.)

Keridwen Luis (attendee, most recently 2012. I was planning to volunteer/apply to be on panels but will now neither attend nor volunteer.)
Cat Davidson-Hall (attended 2005-2010.  Wanted to attend 2011-12, but life got in the way and I was looking forward to 2013.  Now, not so much.)
Emily Wolf. Hoped to attend in the future, have no interest to now.
Robert V.S. Redick. Panelist/guest since 2007; had hoped to get MORE involved. Still hoping that Readercon does the right thing.
Sarah Heile (I had just asked to have my name added to next year's volunteer list. I am no longer sure that I wish to participate as a volunteer or as an attendee.)
Carrie Laben.  (Attended 2007, had hoped to attend in 2013/2014)
Nicholas Kaufmann (Attendee 2011; panelist/guest 2012)
Nicole Kornher-Stace, guest/panelist since 2009
Ellen Datlow (past GOH, have attended for most of Readercon's existence and has been one of my favorite conventions).
John Langan (guest since 2003)--would love to see this fixed so I can keep coming to Readercon.
Jennifer Pelland (attendee and panelist since 2004)
Nathan Ballingrud, Readercon attendee three times, panelist and guest twice.  I love Readercon. It's a very important con for me (besides being the only time I get to see a lot of my friends, my book is supposed to debut there next year), and the prospect of missing it stings more than a little. But this is far more important.
Matthew Cheney -- attendee from Readercon 16 on, member of Programming Committee for RC 22 and 23
Christopher Barzak. I've attended three times in the past, and planned on attending next year. But not until this is settled as it should be, not as it is.
Robert Levy (attendee in 2009 and 2012)
Christine Hogenkamp (from Toronto)
Keffy R. M. Kehrli (had hoped to attend in the future)
Theodora Goss.  I've attended every year since my first professional publication.
Suzanne Boswell (planned on attending in 2013)

Sofia Samatar. 2013 was going to be my first Readercon. If the recommendations in the letter are followed, it still will be.
Sara Cleto, planned to attend in 2013
Jason Erik Lundberg (Never attended, although enthusiastically recommended to do so by Dora Goss, Eugene Myers, Jeff Ford and others. Would still like to attend one day after moving back to the US.)
Gregory Norman Bossert (Boston native, SFWA member, Clarion 2010)
Mike and Anita Allen (attendees/panelists/dealers etc. since 2005)
Wendy N. Wagner, hoping to attend
Juliette Wade (had planned to attend in future)
Nin Harris (Malaysia), (I'd been planning to attend at some point in the future).
Aliette de Bodard (hoping to attend)

Stig Greve (had planned to attend in 2013)
Jennifer Berk (had always wanted to attend)
kristopher o'higgins (planned to attend)

Adam Lipkin (Attendee since 2006)
Jack Haringa, attendee 2001, 2006; panelist/guest 2007-2012.  I love Readercon; it's local to me and I've brought many friends to it over the years. I would hate to have to stop being able to get together with all these people I don't otherwise see because the committee is unwilling to recognize its grievous error in failing to enforce their stated policy.
Barbara Gilly, attended 2001, 2008, 2011
Patricia M. Cryan, bookstore owner. Attended Readercon in 2009. Had hoped to attend and / or take dealer tables in 2013.
Julia Rios (Attended 2008-2012 and participated in readings.)
Deirdre Saoirse Moen, previous attendee (1997) who'd planned to attend again.
Steve Davidson, Amazing Stories Magazine.  I attended this year's Readercon and two previously.
Jaleh & Chris Dragich (future con attendees) My husband and I are planning to start going to conventions next year (as finances allow). But with such blatant harrassment not being shut down promptly during the conference and only a slap on the hand to the offender afterwards, we won't be adding Readercon to our consideration list anytime soon.
Jennifer Marie Brissett (Planned to attend 2013 and into the future)
Micole Sudberg (attended 2009, had planned to attend in the future)
Orrin Grey (Past attendee, and this was my favorite convention.)
Sarah Prineas (www.sarah-prineas.com). ( Have attended ReaderCon in the past, will not attend again until this is resolved)
Keith Glaeske.  I live in DC and I've attended the last seven Readercons.
Galena Ostipow (planned to attend in future) I definitely won't be attending unless this decision is reversed and they stick to their original zero-tolerance policy. Otherwise they're just blatantly stating that the safety of women at their Con is less important than appeasing Big Names who misbehave. I would most definitely feel unsafe there and would not want to give my money to a Con that does not show any concern for its female attendees. I'll just stick with ConFusion!
Matt Switliski, planned to attend in future

Gemma Files, attended 2010-2012, author, panelist and reader. Could be found earlier this year eagerly telling anyone who would listen that this was my favourite con, emphasis on "was".
Victoria Janssen, attendee and program participant for about a decade
Jedediah Berry (attendee and panelist since 2007).
Sara and Rob Davies (we have attended 13 Readercons together; it is by far our favorite con.) I am stunned how poorly this has been handled.
Sarah Pinsker, attendee 2012. I do agree with the Crossed Genres folks that if any board members did vote for a lifetime ban instead of the 2-year suspension but were outvoted, it seems unfair to insist they step down.
Damien Walters Grintalis. I attended in 2012 and had been planning to return in 2013.
Tracey A. Callison (attended once; have no plans to ever do so again)
Claudia Mastroianni (always wanted to attend)
Victor J Raymond - Carl Brandon Society Steering Committee member - planned to attend.
Adam Israel. Had planned to attend.
Kim Hagerich, had planned to attend in the future
David Moles (had hoped to attend in 2013)
Jude McLaughlin (attended 2012 and once before, planned to attend and become more involved in the future)
Alice Leung (Had wanted to attend and was trying to get friends to go along next time, but now will instead be telling people that we should not support this Con)
TL Morganfield (planned to attend in the future)
Anakin Steuart Boczenowski, pen name Ana Steuart.  2009, 2010, 2011 attendee; 2012 volunteer
Katharine Beutner (hoped to attend in 2013 or 2014).
J.J. Hunter here -- I had been hoping to attend Readercon in the future, but am putting those plans on hold for now. Please add my name to the list.
Julia Milton (had always wanted to attend)
Ken Marable (looking to attend more conventions next year, had considered Readercon)

Kelly McCullough.  Having heard lovely things about Readercon from fellow authors, it has long been on my list for cons that I need to try.
Foz Meadows (had heard good things about Readercon, now thoroughly disgusted)
Madeline Stevens.  had intended to try to attend Readercon next year, but no longer
Greg Purcell (Had Planned to attend)
Crystal S. (planned to attend in the future)

Emily S. Whitten, Esq. (Had considered attending in future; co-founder, The North American Discworld Convention - Vice Chair 2009; Chair 2011; Chair Emeritus of managing committee)
Bill Humphries. I have not been to Readercon, but regularly attend similarly focused conventions: WisCon, FogCon, and Potlatch.
Dallas Robbins (the only con I had planned to attend in 2013).
Carmen Machado (had been explicitly planning to attend next year due to endorsements from several regular attendees)
Zachary Jernigan (attendee in 2012; before hearing about this, I'd hoped to be a panelist in 2013)
Gavin J. Grant (frequent attendee, dealer, etc.)
Kelly D. Link (attendee)
John Nakamura Remy. (had planned to attend in the near future)
Jane Yolen.  I will sign, though as I spend summers in Scotland, attendance has never been an issue for me. But in solidarity.
Ripley Patton, author and possible future attendee of ReaderCon, but not anymore.
Alex Dally MacFarlane (attended in 2009, had planned to attend in 2013)
Mia Nutick - Had planned to attend next year but will not until this is dealt with to my satisfaction
Samantha Mallison (planned to attend in 2013, but now won't as apparently being in the good graces of a BNF trumps safety and peace of mind)
Loyal Ramsey.. I have attended ReaderCon 5 or 6 times when I could afford it. It was always one of my favorite cons.  I have been a volunteer/ con committee member on many conventions over my 45 years in fandom. I have to say if I had ever been on a con committee that made a decision this bad, it would have been over my dissenting vote. And I would then resign in disgust.  Unless this is resolved, I plan on never attending again, sad as that will make me.
Joe Monti, past participant and attendee
Catja Pafort (planned to attend)
Paul Witcover, frequent guest and panelist
Sarah Ellis (tn Lisa Evans) (past attendee, planned to go this year but didn't due to finances)
Justin Howe (attendee 2005-2009, and I had planned on attending again)
Meghan McCaron (attended in 2007, 2008, panelist in 2011.)
James Patrick Kelly (former Guest of Honor) Please make this right asap!
Kimberley Long-Ewing (planned to attend in the future)
Terie Garrison, had hoped to attend Readercon in the future
Naomi Novik (planned to attend in the future)
Sarah Rees Brennan, attended in 2009 when I was first professionally published, was hoping to come back.
Sandy Olson (SF/F fan)
Rebecca Scott, wanted to attend in 2013 or 2014, on Elizabeth Bear's recommendation

Katharine Martin, occasional attendee. Future attendance will depend on the Board's upcoming decision.
C.S.E. Cooney (guest/panelist 2011, 2012)
Paul Riddell, attendee in 1994, 1999, and 2010. I have my own reasons for staying away from Readercon, but many good and dear friends still attend, and I still recommend it to people who actually give a damn about written SF. I cannot in any conscience recommend the convention now, and will not do so in the future so long as this double standard continues.
Janna SIlverstein: Always wanted to attend based on sterling recommendations from friends and other pros. Had hoped to attend in the future.
Mimi Panitch (past and would-have-been-future attendee)
Lisa Goldstein.  I was a Guest of Honor at Readercon 9 in 1997 but I won't be going back until they change this verdict.

Stina Leicht
Rajan Khanna. I have been a regular attendee for 6 or 7 years now.
Andrew S. Williams. I'd hoped to attend in the future.
Douglas Cohen (Guest or panelist in 2005-2010, had been planning on attending many more ReaderCons in years to come.)
Liz Argall. 2010 attendee. I applaud bringing extensively engaging with someone/s who has training and experience working with survivors of abuse. I believe board training will be valuable on many levels and applaud its conclusion. Please make it something you bring in a facilitator/educator for and spend at least half a day as the entire board with this - as someone who has worked in women's refuges I think you'll need that, not just to learn, but to grieve, process and look to the future.  I attended one Readercon, loved it and was sad when I couldn't squeeze it in this year. I have been recommending at as a great convention.
Catherynne M. Valente.  Attended since 2006.  Her post concerning Readercon.
Velma deSelby-Bowen (attended a few over a decade ago, had had it on list of cons to return to)

Rene Sears
Liza Furr (had planned to start attending Readercon next year, since it will soon be one of my local cons)
Kythryne Aisling. Owner, Wyrding Studios. Wanted to attend for past 3 years but unable due to health issues; was planning to finally go in 2013 and would probably also have taken out ad space in the program book for my business. Not so much anymore.
Elizabeth Schechter, author. I've been planning to attend this con based on the recommendations of several people in Shadow Unit fandom.

Michael Levy, critic and book reviewer. I've always planned to attend Readercon and hoped to next year. Now I probably won't.
William Alexander (I had planned to attend in the future, and was very much looking forward to it.)
M Grace Smith (Owner, Castle Danger Press LLC & wife of writer/editor Orrin Grey). I wanted to go to Readercon after I was told it was, hands-down, the very best con out there, one run with integrity and professionalism, and one where everyone could feel safe.
Craig Laurance Gidney (Attended since 1997, attendee and panelist)
Laurie Tom, had hoped to attend in the future
Kathryn Manz (attendee)  With one small adjustment: Personally, I think any board member who had voted to ban this man for life but lost the vote, should not be asked to step down.
Kylee Peterson (had hoped to attend in the future)
Catherine Morrison (attended Readercon multiple times.)
Julie Beman (first-time attendee in 2012, on-site volunteer).
Kelley P. O'Hanlon (Had hoped to attend in the future, not even considering it now.)
Jude Wright- Attended 2007 and had an excellent time. I was planning on making it back in the next several years, but that will not happen unless this situation is rectified.
Alan Smale (author; attended in 2009; would have attended in 2012 if not for a schedule conflict).
L. Timmel Duchamp, attended & participated in programming two years, including 2012.
Matt Doyle (planned to attend in the future)
T.S. Perrault, has never attended but is still an interested party.
Jasmine Stairs (Traveled 16 hours down from Canada in 2012 and enjoyed the con. With the opacity of this process and their decision, I no longer feel safe returning. I do agree with Crossed Genre's suggestion that board members who did not support the board's decision not be forced to resign.)
Peter Kilkelly: attended in 2011 and loved it. It was my first con ever. Planned on attending many years into the future, as time and money permitted. Disappointed beyond words.
C. Liddle, first time attendee in 2012
Betsy Haibel (always wanted to attend and was hoping to do so in 2013)
Mario Di Giacomo, has attended cons for over 2 decades, never attended ReaderCon, but _had_ planned on adding it to my annual slate.
Christine Kennedy (planned to attend in future)
 Marty Halpern (panelist in 2008, 2010 (book launch), 2012, and innumerable prior years)
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, up till now, always wanted to attend.
Dawn Nikithser (Editor and founder of www.bookshelfbombshells.com, had planned to attend with staff of four in 2013)
Tricia Sullivan.
This is one of the few US cons I might have spent international airfare to attend, but it's off the books for me now.
Amy Goldschlager, attendee since 2009; had planned to try to get on panels for 2013
Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert (attendee in 2010; was hoping to attend in future but am reconsidering)
E. Glover, attendee 2008-2012, and a couple of random non-consecutive years prior to that as well
Terry Weyna.   I attended once a few years ago, and had looked forward to attending again; now I won't unless there are changes.
Jen Volant (attended 2011, had been planning to regularly attend in future)
Lis Mitchell (hoped to attend in future)
Kathryn Allan, PhD (planned on attending next year)
Barb Moermond - I've never attended, but a great number of people I admire and respect do and for them not to be or feel safe is unacceptable.
Jamie Todd Rubin (attendee 2008, 2010; panelist 2011; planned to attend in 2013)
Dale Bailey.   I've attended 3 times, twice as a guest, once as an attendee. Readercon is my favorite con.
Laurentia McIntosh - Would have loved to attend Readercon with my husband; however, as a past victim of sexual harrassment/molestation I cannot now conceive of an event I'll be less likely to attend. I understand all too well the feelings of anxiety, vulnerability and impotent outrage others must have felt when the system deliberately failed to adequately ensure their safety.
Andy Duncan.  I've attended several Readercons beginning with Readercon 9, most recently Readercon 23.

Richard Parks. I've attended before and been invited back, but not unless it's kept safe for all attendees. 
Jim Reader (writer, had hoped to attend some day)
Mary Rickert. Planned to attend next year.

Michael Merriam - Had planned to attend in the future.
Kerrie (Colantonio) McNay- poet, past attendee, Readercon 15 reviewer for 201mass.com, hoped to someday present & attend in future with my son
Diana Fox (was considering attending in the future)
Chaz Brenchley. I've been invited for the last three years, and not been able to make it yet - which means that through happenstance I've already missed more Readercons than Rene Walling is obliged to.
Tamar Amidon...Always wanted to make it out there, even been asked to come help out and volunteer by some folks. Not gonna happen until this is fixed

Stefanie R. Maclin (had always planned to attend, especially since it was local for me, finances and scheduling just never seemed to work in my favor. Had finally hoped to 2013, but not until this is well and truly fixed.)
Liz Turi (was hoping to attend in the nearish future as I've moved to the East Coast in 2010; however, I am now watching this and *future* actions to determine if I will ever attend)
Adam Rakunas - had always wanted to attend
Isabel Schechter. I had planned to attend in 2013 or 2014, but will now not do so.

Amy Sundberg (attended for the first time in 2012, was definitely planning to come back).
Mary Rodgers. Have attended two Readercons thus far; will attend no more in the future unless/until Board policy is changed.

Woodrow "asim" Jarvis Hill (5+ years panelist at Arisia, oft-considered adding Readercon to travel plans until this debacle, in no small part because of the policy now tossed into the wood chipper.)
Ashley Brown (planned to attend in future, but will now not do so unless above steps are taken.)
Ellen Blackburn - Attendee since 2007. Missed this year due to family obligations but had been fully intending to come back next year. But now that isn't going to happen unless the Board/Con opt to behave more appropriately.

L. M. Myles - I'd planned to attend in the future.
Rachel Manija Brown. Would have considered attending in the future.

Andy Romine (planned to attend) 
Donald G. Keller (longtime attendee and panelist)
M. David Blake.  Like many others, I am saddened by the recent Readercon debacle. Over the past few years, I'd been happily anticipating the day when I might attend Readercon... but now, the idea has become rather distasteful. The ONLY people with the moral liberty to bestow lenience upon an acknowledged violator are those who were violated/harassed. Allowing any group of fans to pretend otherwise is not only a blotch upon the convention, but a stain upon the whole community.
Jae Leslie Adams (I attended Readercon in 1994, enjoyed it greatly, and had, until now, kept it on the very short list of conventions I would like to attend again)

Amy Nichols (I would have considered attending in the future.)
Saajan S. Patel

Johanna Novales (would have liked to attend someday, but will spend my rare chances to go to cons elsewhere)
Sabrina Hunt (reader, writer, and had planned to attend Readercon one day, when finances allowed... and now will never feel safe enough)

Stella Omega
Erica George (Always wanted to attend, was planning to attend the next one, definitely won't if they continue to handle things this inexcusably.)

Scott Edelman.  I have been to every Readercon since the first in 1987, except for the most recent one. It has always been my favorite convention of the year. I would urge the board to reconsider the recent decision so it can be so again.
Ashley Horn (Had been interested in attending prior to learning of this incident)
Colleen Lindsay (had been considering attending in the future)

Miriam Weinberg. Only attended my first Readercon this year, but had hoped to attend/join panels in the future.
Alberto Yáñez. I had planned to attend in the future, as several of my friends and colleagues had recommended Readercon. After the Board's actions, I will not attend and, judging by their reactions, neither will many of my fellows.
Sarah Bigglestone. Hadn't heard of Readercon until a week ago at which time the idea of Readercon sounded like *exactly* the sort of thing I would love to attend one day. After the board's decision it now sounds like somewhere I would avoid like the plague.
Kimberly Gonzalez, fan and editor. I had wanted to attend after ReaderCon was recommended to me by numerous folks including Deanna Hoak.

Donnie Reynolds.  Because this was a decision the made in violation of the public policy, the Board has declared that the safety and peace-of-mind of women (or any guest) is something to consider, but not to take too seriously. They have demonstrated, actively, that they don't consider their guests to be their top priority. ReaderCon should be boycotted until this board resigns en mass. As a man, this tells me the Board believes the accuser was either asking for it or is blowing this out of proportion. This Board is incompetent to continue. 
LaShawn M. Wanak I haven't attended ReaderCon before and have not made any plans to, but I stand in support with all those who are asking the ReaderCon Board to do the right thing.
Lauren C. Teffeau (had planned to attend in future)

Dana Hunter. This is the first I've heard of Readercon. Based on the board's handling of harassment in opposition to their own policy, I will not be attending and will be advising my readership not to attend until a new board is in place and the harassment policies strengthened.
Melanie Scala (I had always wanted to attend. I was hoping to attend next year. Now I will not.)
Meg Thibodeau (attended 2008 and 2009)
Stef Maruch (I have considered attending.)
Matthew Kressel (Attended Readercon every year since 2006)
Sally Smith. (Have attended cons all over the US since 1981. Always thought Readercon sounded wonderful. Won't attend, will discourage others until this is resolved)
Paige Kimble.  I was considering attending in the future due to connections in the area, provided circumstances worked out, but I'm no longer doing so in light of the situation.
William Shunn (past attendee and participant, had planned to attend again)
Andrew Liptak. Attended in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
Michael Capobianco. (Always wanted to attend but probably won't, now.)
Adam-Troy Castro - have attended at least 4 Readercons.
Marie Brennan; I attended in 2005, and have often thought about coming back, but this gives me strong reason not to.
Marguerite Reed. I had really wanted to go next year. As a some-time activist for women's rights, I cannot feel justified in attending.
Nalo Hopkinson, former attendee for many years, and guest of honor, 2009. Reader con had been one of my favorite cons. I hope that the board will do the right thing
Rachael Alexandra Mansbach
John Joseph Adams.  
I have been a regular attendee since 2002 or so, and have been a panelist for most if not all of those conventions. Readercon was always one of my favorite conventions, so I join in the others urging the board to reconsider their decision.
Diana Pho.  I've been recommended to go to ReaderCon for several years by many friends in the publishing industry, but, until this gets resolves, I won't be planning to attend.
Henry Farrell (http://www.henryfarrell.net) - have always wanted to attend (and would have last year had I not had a family emergency).
Ellen Klages (15-year attendee, panelist, and supporter)
Paul Tremblay (attendee since 2004). Please, please do the right thing, Readercon.
Haddayr Copley-Woods (I'd hoped to attend in future years.)
Jesse Cohn.
Chris Furst -- I attended Readercon in 2009
Aynjel Kaye (past Readercon attendee -- Readercon was my first SF convention and was at the top of my list of conventions to get back to when I could get back to conventions.)
Angela Still - was planning on attending next year
Christie Yant, attended 2010 and had intended to do so again, but no longer plan to unless this matter is remedied
Tina Beychok, founder of the Backup Ribbon Project, a small division of the Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Project (http://www.backupproject.org)
James A. Hetley, aka "James A. Burton."
John Murphy (Attended Readercon twice, loved it, met many new friends there; would dearly love the con to adopt these reasonable and necessary steps so that my friends and I can continue to attend)
Jeffrey Petersen- Had hoped to attend
Ellen Wright, had considered attending in the future. Also, with the caveat that someone else noted, that if any members of the board disagreed but were outvoted, they needn't resign. 
Jennifer Kullman-Alldred 
Michael Capobianco. (Always wanted to attend but probably won't, now.)
Jo Rhett
Kris Dikeman.  I have attended in the past, and had planned to attend next year.
Kiya Nicoll (had almost been convinced by Rose Fox's enthusiasm to attend even though I no longer live like five minutes from the site)
Kit Mason, in solidarity; I have not attended but had hoped to do so at some point, as I had heard good things. Will not attend until this is sorted.
Aimee Payne (attendee)
Katherine Keller, Culture Vultures Editrix, and "Founding Tart", Sequentialtart.com

Vandana Singh. I always attend regularly and it is my favorite convention, but I share in the outrage. May justice prevail.
Connie Wilkins. I've attended in the past, though not recently, and had intended to be there next year.

Catherine Schaff-Stump (attendee and reader 2010)
Forrest Aguirre. Regular Wiscon attendee who had heard how great Readercon was and was planning to attend . . . until now.
Navah Wolfe
Nivair H. Gabriel (local, attended since 2007 — all because of people on this list and none because of harassment I experienced there)
K.E. Bergdoll--Until these issues are resolved I cannot consider attending.

David Mercurio Rivera (Attended every Readercon for the past 7 years). Since the facts are not in dispute and the policy is clear, I hope the Board reconsiders its decision.
Mark Mandel.  I used to live in Massachusetts, and I went to Boskone and Arisia regularly, but maybe only once got to ReaderCon. Now I live in Philadelphia, but many of my friends (and much of my fanac!) is still in New England, and Readercon had been on my list of cons to go to with friends. No more.
Ben Burgis (hadn't attended before, but tried to make it happen this year and was definitely planning to go next year)
Kevin Riggle - had planned to attend 2012, was hoping to attend in the future
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